The Watchers on the Wall

The horn echoed across the frigid night sky. One blast: Rangers returning. Wind and snow beat against the guard’s cloaks as they shuffled to their posts. The Night's Watchmen stopped in their tracks as the second blast rang out: Wildlings.

The Haunted Forest erupted in flames, signalling to the Raiders to strike Castle Black. High upon the battlements, Jon Snow and Alliser Thorne saw tiny shapes move out from underneath the dark boughs of the forest. Tens of thousands of Wildlings boldly marched towards the Wall. Lumbering behind them were monsters out of myth, giants and mammoths. The Night's Watch were outnumbered nearly a thousand to one. They vowed to give their lives in defense of the Seven Kingdoms. It seemed that tonight would be the night.

Gameplay & Strategy

The current Recommended Lists version sees a 70-point Night’s Watch army led by Alliser Thorne facing an 82-point Free Folk horde commanded by Styr, Magnar of Thenn.

If you’re playing this scenario as the Night’s Watch, you’ll start to feel pretty claustrophobic as the Wildling horde closes in on both sides. Your immediate reaction may be to simply survive, to play as defensive as possible and keep your units bundled together in the corner of Castle Black. The major problem with this strategy is that the Free Folk army could potentially gain a ton of Victory Points by destroying the Castle Wall, and if you’re trapped inside Castle Black it may be very hard to make up the difference.

That’s why the best strategy is to go on the offensive. Go after the Free Folk units south of the Wall and try to take them out as quickly as possible. The other option is to have one or two hardy units defend Castle Black while your other troops race out to meet the swarm on the north side of the Wall. Make sure you load up on Character attachments as it is important for end of game scoring. Try to always have Othell Yarwyck staring down those Scorpion or Stone Thrower targets to ensure you get as many hits as possible. You can also utilize the amazing healing potential of the special Stewards of Castle Black unit. Set them up near Jon and the Vets and there will be almost nothing that can take them down.

As the Free Folk player, you must carefully split your force in two. You begin the game with the advantage of getting to allot 12 extra points when building your army, which is 4 free Raiders units. Since units can never return to the South Deployment Zone, it would be wise to deploy as many forces south as possible. The downside is that most of your Victory Points are won on the north side. Though if you break through Castle Black and rout the crows, Victory Points won’t make a difference.

You must decide if you want to attack the Castle Wall right away or wait a few rounds when they are worth even more Victory Points. You may be tempted to spam Savage Giants in the north, but if they take any damage before they hit the Castle Wall they could die when the Wall activates and drops Tar & Pitch, giving the Night's Watch a significant boost. You can also set up Trappers near the Plateau to make life difficult for the War Machine crew. If that happens, the Trappers need to be the Night’s Watches primary target. Hit them with Castle Wall arrows and the Crown Zone to get rid of them.

“Brothers! A hundred generations have defended this castle. She's never fallen before. She will not fall tonight. Tonight we fight! And when the sun rises, I promise you, Castle Black will stand. The Night's Watch will stand! With me now! NOW, WITH ME!”

- Alliser Thorne

This is a fan-made scenario inspired by CMON Limited’s A Song of Ice & Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game and is in no way associated with CMON.

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